Hockey Player Development (HPD)

2019-20 Holiday Hockey Clinics

Halloween Clinic (Nov 1)

Extra spooky power skating, stick handling, and shooting. 1.5 hours of instruction. Treats included. 

Todd Lang Benefit Clinic (Nov 23)

Tam-O will be hosting a hockey clinic fundraiser to benefit long-time Tam-O employee, Todd Lang. Todd is battling cancer and is currently unable to work. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanksgiving Clinic (Nov 27)

(On Ice) 9:00am - 10:30am (Powerskating)
(Dryland) 10:30am – 11:30am
(Lunch) 11:30am – 12:15am (**Provided**)
(On Ice) 12:30pm – 1:30pm (Stick handling, Shooting & Game-play) 

Holiday Clinic (Dec 31)

Group 1
Ages 6-9
9:00am – 1:20pm
**(Parents must be at Tamo by 1:30pm for pick-up)**

Group 2
Ages 10-14
10:30am – 2:20pm
**(Parents must be at Tamo by 2:30pm for pick up)** 

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HPD SUMMER CLINIC SERIES... see you next summer!

HPD has grown into one of the nation's premiere hockey development systems. The 8-week Summer Clinic Series is HPD's main program. In addition, HPD offers in-season & specialty clinics. 

Moderate Clinic

Moderate I:

The Moderate I clinic is the ideal clinic for all beginners.  This clinic runs 1x a week for four consecutive weeks with one and a half hours of on-ice instruction.  This year there is an option for a second 4 week session, this will follow the first.  Basic skill concepts will be reinforced.  Players will be expected by the end of the clinic to demonstrate hockey position and execute a series of basic power skating drills.  By developing this base, a player will be able to learn more advanced skills in the future.  Over time this will enable the player to become more efficient on his/her blades and in turn become a strong skater.  Small area game play will be used to reinforce skills taught during the session.  Constructive game play is an effective way for a young player to practice his/her skills in a fun learning environment.

Moderate II:

The Moderate II clinic runs 1x a week for eight consecutive weeks during the summer. This clinic consists of one and a half hours of instruction each week for eight weeks. This program is ideal for players wanting to improve and maintain their hockey skills during the summer months. All facets of the game will be covered throughout this clinic with a main emphasis on the most important concept SKATING. Player eligibility Category***(Completed at least 1 LTPH session, completed 1 year of House Hockey)

Accelerated Clinic

For the dedicated, aspiring younger player is the Accelerated Clinic.  This clinic runs 2x a week for eight consecutive weeks during the summer. One hour of dryland precedes every practice. This clinic is set up for players that are looking to dedicate some of their summer to gain a real edge for the upcoming season. The first day of every week is designed for the player’s individual improvement in skating, shooting, passing and puck control. The 2nd day of every week begins with a brief review of skills covered on the previous day and then continues with a controlled scrimmage with emphasis on game situations, positional play and understanding forward and defensive objectives. Player eligibility Category*** (Must have at least 3 years playing experience to be eligible for this clinic) 

Overspeed Clinic

Hockey has evolved in recent years to a faster and more skilled game.  If you cannot accelerate quickly this leaves you at a huge disadvantage at almost every level of the game.  Certain techniques used at this clinic will reinforce quick starts, crossovers, lateral movement and quick transitions.  Resisted skating sprints will be done using on ice training equipment like parachutes and bungees.  Power skating, puck handling and shooting are also an emphasis in this clinic.  One on one small area games will be used to reinforce proper angling and reinforce the importance of defensive play.  Hard work and dedication are also a key factor in this clinic.  Players will need to be prepared each day for off-ice age specific training.  Our off-ice work directly compliments what is done on ice in order to effectively maximize the development in an 8 week period.  Player eligibility category***(Must have at least 3 years playing experience, preferably at least 1 year of travel hockey to participate in Overspeed I) – (Overspeed II ages 12 & up) – (Overspeed III ages 12 & up, travel experience required)*** 

Defense Clinic

The Defensive clinic is designed to enhance the skills of the defensemen. Defense skills such as transitions and backward skating are an emphasis in this clinic. This clinic is beneficial to all players, not just the defensemen. The clinic will help all players enhance their skills and knowledge of the game.